Former WWE Title Holder Signs With IMPACT/TNA

This major favourite appeared at Final Resolution last night.

Trent Seven TNA IMPACT
IMPACT Wrestling

Trent Seven has officially signed with IMPACT Wrestling, soon to once again be known as TNA Wrestling.

Seven made a surprise appearance at IMPACT's Final Resolution show last night, teaming with 'Speedball' Mike Bailey to take on the Rascalz pairing of Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz in an impromptu match. Trent was revealed as Bailey's mystery partner, and the two would pick up the win here.

While Trent Seven's appearance was one thing, the bigger story went down post-match, with Scott D'Amore revealing that the former NXT Tag Team Champion had formally signed with the Anthem promotion. Seven then signed his IMPACT/TNA contract in the ring, doing so on the back of Mike Bailey.


Having been with WWE since early 2017, Trent Seven was released by the market leader last August. Since departing WWE, the Wolverhampton native has been extremely active, largely competing for RevPro and OTT, in addition to making a couple of AEW appearances at the end of last year.


No details have been revealed in terms of specifics regarding Trent's deal with IMPACT/TNA, bar him seemingly joining the company immediately.

For those who may have missed it, IMPACT Wrestling will be rebranding itself as TNA Wrestling as of the Hard to Kill PPV next month.

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