Former WWE Wrestlers Expected To Be At SmackDown Tapings

More superstars axed due to 'budget cuts' could be on their way back to the company.

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The hits keep on coming for WWE's new regime, as the company could be bringing back yet another released act.

PWInsider has reported that Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis are expected to be at Friday's SmackDown tapings, though neither PWInsider nor Fightful Select has been able to confirm what the plans are for them -- whether they'll be on TV, working a dark match, etc.

Top Dollar and Adonis were part of the popular NXT quartet Hit Row, which was drafted to SmackDown in October 2021 as a unit. A month later, B-Fab was released due to the dreaded "budget cuts." Two weeks later, the remaining threesome -- including Swerve Strickland (then known as Isaiah "Swerve" Scott) -- were also released.


Since then, Strickland has gone on to sign with AEW and is one-half of the AEW Tag Team Champions along fellow WWE castoff Keith Lee.

Top Dolla, Adonis and B-Fab reunited as the HitMakerZ at an MCW Pro Wrestling show in March.


Neither PWInsider nor Fightful indicated whether B-Fab is being brought to SmackDown as part of this.

It feels like we're going to be seeing more of this in the coming weeks, with dozens of wrestlers released during the past year and a thin roster that Triple H likely wants to rebuild. Bringing Top Dolla and Adonis back to fill out the tag team ranks is yet another way to do that.

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