Franky Monet Debuts On WWE NXT, Confronts Raquel Gonzalez

The former Taya Valkyrie potentially made a powerful enemy in the NXT Women's Champion.

Franky Monet

As advertised, the former Taya Valkyrie debuted on last night's episode of WWE NXT, confronting Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai on the black and gold brand's maiden Tuesday voyage.

Now going by Franky Monet, the IMPACT Wrestling and Lucha Underground veteran hit the ring as Gonzalez was addressing the crowd following her title win at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

Retaining her La Wera Loca nickname, Monet proclaimed that the world's best division had gotten shinier with her arrival - and a little more boujee. Dog in hand, she promised the world would soon be seeing a whole lot more of her.


Gonzalez was in no mood for banter, promising to shove Franky's pooch where the sun doesn't shine if she ever interrupts her again. Monet then took her leave.

Franky's WWE signing was announced as part of the company's latest Performance Center intake. Brought in alongside the likes of LA Knight on 14 February 2021, Monet didn't have to wait long for WWE to start hyping her arrival, with her vignettes commencing several weeks prior to last night's debut.


Monet, 37, has been married to Raw's John Morrison since 2018.

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