GCW Denies Offering Enzo Amore $25,000 To Wrestle Tama Tonga

Indie group shoots hard on nZo in big Twitter spat.

Enzo Amore

Dear readers, we regret to inform you that Enzo 'nZo' Amore is at it again.

The former 'Realest Guy in the Room' is currently involved in a daft Twitter feud with Toma Tonga. As part of this, yesterday saw him upload a video claiming he'd turned down $25,000 to fight the NJPW wrestler over WrestleMania 36 weekend, claiming Josh Barnett "offered me a platform" at his upcoming Bloodsport show.

Game Changer Wrestling, the promotion hosting Bloodsport, tweeted the following in response:-

True to form, Enzo refused to take the L. He went back on his word by stating it was WrestleCon, not GCW, who offered the $25k, called GCW "some lyin ass hoes," then blocked the buzz-worthy indie.

If his Cagematch record is up-to-date, Amore has wrestled just twice since leaving WWE in January 2018, with a Ring of Honor deal falling through days after a divisive G1 Supercard angle last April. It's easy to see why he'd bring GCW into this as they're comfortably the hottest indie going on the American scene, though it looks like he's beef with Tonga will have to be settled elsewhere.

In more noble news, nZo has offered to use the pitched bout to raise money for charity.

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