Global Force Wrestling Partners With Yet Another Promotion

GFW's global reach encompasses Europe, Mexico, Japan, and now, Africa and India.

Jeff Jarrett and his new Global Force Wrestling promotion continue to make waves in the wrestling industry. Since the company€™s initial unveiling, GFW has continually retained the spotlight with their constant announcements -- chief among those, their ever-expanding list of partners. On August 5th, yet another promotion decided to join the force. GFW has already announced deals with New Japan, Mexico's AAA, and various European federations. Now, an official press release -- which was sent out on Tuesday -- is reporting another partnership. This time, GFW has spread their global reach even further, inking a deal with South Africa's World Wrestling Professionals. WWP was established in 1990 by former wrestler Mark Beale. The promotion has grown to become the largest wrestling outlet in South Africa, as well as a viable force throughout the entire African continent. In 2009, the company expanded its reach to India, broadcasting a one-hour program there titled 100% Da Dhana Den. Interestingly, Jeff Jarrett is also quite familiar with India and its burgeoning sports entertainment scene. In 2012, Jarrett ran the Ring Ka King promotion, which was financially supported by TNA. Jeff stated in the press release that he has €œspent a significant amount of time wrestling in India. There€™s potential to reach a huge audience in that part of the world, and hopes to tap into that.€ In the aforementioned press announcement, WWP's owner Mark Beale stated, "the opportunity to work with and Global Force Wrestling is great for us. We certainly can see the potential for mutual benefit.€ Jarrett's GFW promotion continues to hit the headlines with its seemingly never-ending rollout of announcements. This new partnership with World Wrestling Professionals is just another step forward for the upstart promotion as it (hopefully) grows nearer to an official launch date. It will be interesting to see if any more co-promotional agreements will be signed in the interim. Until then, fans -- as well as industry insiders -- will have to continue waiting and anticipating. What do you think of Global Force Wrestling€™s latest announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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