Goldberg SHOOTS On Saudi Arabia Match With The Undertaker

Big bad Bill wasn't happy with how things went at Super Show-Down.

Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg rebounded from his Saudi Arabian misery in spectacular style at SummerSlam 2019, absorbing two Dolph Ziggler Superkicks before putting 'The Show-Off' away in quick, decisive fashion in less than two minutes, then bringing further destruction upon his opponent at Dolph's own behest.

It was desperately needed after Goldberg's disastrous showing against The Undertaker at Super Show-Down. Concussed during a ring post spot gone wrong, the former WCW Champion entered a critically panned performance - and he knows it.

Speaking to Booker T and Brad Gilmore on ESPN 97.5's The Hall of Fame show, Goldberg called the 'Taker bout a "perfect storm of crappiness."

Bill went on, stating that the intense, cardio and weightloss-based training regime he underwent for the bout took a huge toll on his 52-year-old body, before acknowledging the ring post spot that seemingly knocked him loopy. He then admitted that he doesn't claim to be "an entertainer on the level of a Ric Flair," and that sometimes, "the circumstances are such that I go a little overboard."

It's great to hear such honestly for Goldberg, who, if recent reports play true, will be used as a badass, late-career Bruno Sammartino style part-timer going forward.

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