GUNTHER Inches Closer To Making WWE History

WWE's Intercontinental Title finally has some prestige back (thanks to GUNTHER)!

GUNTHER WWE Intercontinental Title

GUNTHER has officially moved up on the list of all-time WWE Intercontinental Champions.

Fightful reports that the Imperium leader's 281-day reign as champ has now surpassed Mr. Perfect's own 280-day stint (enjoyed between November 1990-August 1991). In addition, GUNTHER's run with the beloved belt leaves him mere days from passing Greg Valentine's reign (285 days).


Once he's conquered that hurdle, the Austrian will only have two lengthy reigns to beat: Randy Savage's 414-day haul and (of course) Honky Tonk Man's record-setting 454-day run. Don't bet against GUNTHER being booked to shatter both of those landmarks, especially if he can successfully navigate what's coming next at WrestleMania 39.

There, he'll defend his IC Title vs. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus in a three-way. WWE made this official on Friday's episode of SmackDown when Imperium disrupted a number one contender battle between the ex-'Banger Bros'.


Default GM Adam Pearce then announced the 'Triple Threat'.

GUNTHER's success is even more impressive when one analyses Vince McMahon's thoughts on him. Pre-retirement last summer, McMahon was reportedly set to demote the big man back to NXT. That would've robbed fans of hot matches against everyone from Sheamus to Rey Mysterio.

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