GUNTHER Reveals His Picks To Join WWE's Imperium

Imperium is fine as a trio, but...who would GUNTHER choose if WWE made him?

Charlotte Flair IYO SKY

GUNTHER doesn't think adding numbers to Imperium would be a good idea, but he does have some ideas for exactly who could join if WWE's decision-makers forced his hand.

The reigning Intercontinental Champion handpicked both Charlotte Flair and IYO SKY during a recent interview with 'WrestleBinge'. Those are certainly interesting choices, and it's telling that both come from the women's division too.


If he had to, GUNTHER would elect to add a woman to the stable's lineup for some balance. He's long-admired the work of Flair, but thinks IYO has been turning heads as well. That's true - SKY currently holds Money In The Bank, and will surely be booked to cash that in successfully at some point.

The Damage CTRL member could also split from long-term associate Bayley whilst she's at it. That'd leave her open to joining a remodelled version of Imperium. Again though, this is all fantasy booking from the 'Ring General'.


He's content with the three-man dynamic worked by himself, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci on Raw for now. Together, the trio has become one of WWE's hottest ongoing acts.


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