HACKED Bray Wyatt Wants To Sell You A PlayStation 5

In which Windham Rotunda's Twitter hacker comes into possession of some PS5's...

The Fiend PlayStation 5

Windham Rotunda's Twitter account temporarily turned into a PlayStation 5 scam over the weekend.

The wrestler formerly known as Bray Wyatt was hacked by a grifter who posted the following on Sunday (5 December), though it was swiftly deleted:-

Fireflies I was able to receive an extra PS5 from a sponsor and I wanted to sell it to one of you guys for retail price ! I can ship anywhere in the USA ( DMS OPENED ) pic.twitter.com/VLLDiMWCTs — Windham (@Windham6) December 5, 2021

It's gone now, however, with Rotunda seemingly recovering access to his account. The former 'Fiend' has not tweeted anything since thwarting the scam, however.


Shockingly released by WWE on 31 July 2021, Rotunda is yet to re-emerge in professional wrestling following his 90-day non-compete clause's expiration in late October. Though he has been linked to both AEW and IMPACT wrestling on multiple occasions, nothing has happened on this front.

Instead of continuing his wrestling career, Rotunda's efforts are currently focused on a horror movie he is making with long-time collaborator Jason Baker of Callossum Studios. He is scheduled to return to the wrestling sphere through the WrestleCon convention in Dallas next April.

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