Has WWE Quietly Dropped THIS Wrestler's Gimmick?

Triple H might've removed part of this top WWE SmackDown star's act without anyone realising.

Drew McIntyre

Where-oh-where is Drew McIntyre's trusty sword "Angela"?

The big Scot came to the ring for his promo and match without the weapon on this week's episode of SmackDown. "Angela" had previously been a huge part of Drew's entrance routine, and had even become a rope-cutting prop for some post-match angles.

On Friday, McIntyre extended both arms out by his side like Bret Hart used to do. For the match, he simply marched to the ring pointing a finger at The Usos before removing his brand new t-shirt. It looks like the sword had been punted into touch by current WWE creative.


There is a chance that Triple H doesn't like "Angela" quite as much as Vince McMahon did. Or, maybe 'The Game' felt that Drew needed a change to keep him fresh before rolling into Clash At The Castle against Roman Reigns.

Either way, it's interesting that the sword is no longer on TV. It's worth noting that the thing does belong to Vince, so maybe it's back on his wall at home. Who knows?


For now though, it seems WWE has quietly dropped part of McIntyre's act.

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