Has WWE's Finn Bálor Got A New Tattoo?

Looks like the Demon has permanently inked his hand.

Finn Balor Tattoo

Finn Bálor made a surprise return to NXT during last night's 'official' launch on USA - and he did so seemingly sporting a newly inked armed.

Although the Irishman was mostly covered by a swish leather jacket, one could just about spot the presence of a previously unseen tattoo on his un-begloved left hand.

NXT's resident demon hasn't went into any detail on social media or otherwise about his latest body art, but it appears to be a small child ensconced within a scroll-eared escutcheon (studying heraldry is totally worth it). Precisely what it represents is anyone's guess, and it's not our place to speculate.


Although famous for his elaborate body-paint, until recently Bálor's skin had been entirely free of tattoos. Shortly after their recent marriage, he and his new wife Veronica got matching inscriptions on opposite elbows, commemorating the date of their union.


The extent of Finn's latest inking isn't apparent at present; it could go up his whole arm, or be simply restricted to his hand (and doesn't that just look like the most painful place to get a tattoo?). Guess we'll find out when he and Adam Cole inevitably face off in the coming months.

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