Heath Slater Returns On WWE RAW

The previously-released superstar made a surprise return to WWE after much speculation.

Heath Slater

After much speculation, Heath "I've Got Kids" Slater made a surprise return to WWE on last night's RAW.

Slater, wearing a "Free Agent" shirt, appeared during an opening segment to interrupt a confrontation between Drew MacIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. He laid out the WWE Champion and former 3MB stablemate for not helping him get his job back, before being promptly claymore kicked in a squash match. The two then embraced.

Slater was one of a spat of WWE talent to be released earlier in the year as an apparent cost-saving measure. For months, fans speculated where he might go next. As of now, he's the first released Superstar to make a return to WWE TV.


'The One Man Band' has recently teased jumping to Impact Wrestling for the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view on 18 July.

Whether Slater is signed to a new deal with WWE or is simply present on a show-to-show basis remains to be seen, as does any future relationship with the company. Whether this means more WWE releases might return also remains to be seen, especially after several members of the roster were placed into isolation following positive test results.

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