Hideo 'KENTA' Itami Shoots On WWE & 205 Live

The NJPW newcomer did NOT have a good time in WWE.


Having debuted on 9 June's Dominion 6.9 pay-per-view, New Japan Pro Wrestling newcomer KENTA looks set to attempt a career renaissance in the promotion, having spent the past few years making little to no traction in WWE.

The former Hideo Itami has now spoken out in his time with Vince McMahon's promotion in a new interview with Japan's Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine, and it doesn't sound good (h/t POST Wrestling for the translation).

KENTA claimed that while he was initially excited to leave NXT for 205 Live, things quickly "started to deteriorate," and he was left frustrated by a lack of in-ring activity that left him "unable to figure out who Hideo Itami was.' On top of this, he had significant issues with WWE telling him what he could and couldn't do between the ropes, and, in his spiciest quote of all, claimed "no good memories come to mind" when it comes to 205.


That the 38-year-old holds these thoughts shouldn't come as a big surprise. A number of factors played into his inability to make a mark in WWE, and the company were culpable for several of them. Let's hope he's able to right his career's course in the G1 Climax.

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