Hikaru Shida Not Told About AEW Injury Angle, Responds To Being Replaced In Owen Hart Tournament

The former AEW Women's World Champion takes aim at her employers.

Hikaru Shida

Hikaru Shida claims she is not in fact injured, contrary to AEW's recent announcement of her being so and therefore unable to compete in the Owen Hart Tournament.

With the former AEW Women's World Champion going to war with long-time rival Serena Deeb a few weeks ago in a gruelling Street Fight, AEW would ultimately cite this battle, and a supposed injury picked up in the contest, as the reason behind Shida unfortunately having to be pulled from the upcoming Owen Hart Tournament on last night's Rampage.

However, despite Kris Statlander already being swapped into the bracket in Shida's place, the Japanese sensation would stunningly take to Twitter not long after to state that she wasn't in fact hurt at all - and had actually already wrestled a further four times since her Deeb throwdown. Initially responding with a shocked "What?" to an AEW clip confirming her exit from the tournament, Shida would go further in shedding some light on the situation:

"“Well…. I already had 4 matches after the street fight and just finished the greatest fighting musical show. But I seem to have been injured…Japanese wrestling is nothing for them. I’m so sorry. And sorry couldn’t be in the tournament too. I’m glad from my heart that Kris is in the tournament now. And I’m gonna try to enjoy sudden holidays in Japan because it has been a while before I had. Be positive!”

It's still not been made apparent whether these comments are legitimate or part of an elaborate AEW storyline, at time of writing. Yet, regardless of fact or fiction, Statlander will now take on Red Velvet in Shida's place instead. What the future now holds for the this AEW women's division pillar undoubtedly acts as the more intriguing story coming into the next few weeks, however.


As always, WhatCulture Wrestling will provide more updates on the situation as and when they develop.

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