Historic WrestleMania Venue & WWE Favourite To Be Demolished?

This classic WrestleMania venue could be torn down sooner rather than later...

Wrestling traditionalists should brace themselves for a sad, sad day.

The Globe and Mail are reporting that Toronto's Rogers Center, most commonly known as the SkyDome, could be demolished soon. The venue's owners, Rogers Communication, reportedly want a new version of the timeless dome to be erected on the same site.

WWE fans will recall that both WrestleMania VI and X8 were held in the cavernous stadium in 1990 and 2002 respectively. It's almost torturous for any big wrestling fan to think that the same place which held Hulk Hogan's classic matches against The Ultimate Warrior and The Rock could be consigned to dust.


The SkyDome opened in 1989 (less than one year before 'Mania VI) and is currently home to the MLB's Toronto Blue Jays. Obviously, they'd be temporarily rehoused whilst Rogers Communication remodelled the old venue into something more modern.

The pic embedded above, showing a panorama-esque view from the SkyDome bleachers at 'Mania VI, is one of the classic WWE images. It's incredibly sad to think that the excitement and buzz surrounding fans in that photograph could be gone forever.


Still, an updated version of the famous venue could be awesome.

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