House Of Black Respond To AEW Departure Rumours

Buddy Matthews, Brody King take to Twitter to push back on stories about faction.

House Of Black

Over the weekend, reports surfaced across the wrestling media landscape that another member of the House of Black could be departing AEW. Now, a couple of faction members have seemingly thrown cold water on those stories.

Several outlets, most notably Fightful Select, have written that Buddy Matthews could be finished with AEW, either for a while or possibly even released. Although there hasn't been confirmation either way, Matthews himself told a wrestling audience this weekend that he needed "to go away for a while" and "recalibrate," which is the same term Malakai Black recently used to explain him stepping away from wrestling.

Sunday night, Matthews took to Twitter to very simply drop a Seinfeld GIF expressing his thoughts on the rumblings out there:


Of course, there's always the caveat that he hasn't specifically denied the reports and could be pushing back on some of the wilder rumors. He himself stirred the pot with his comments over the weekend, so it's unclear what's "fake."


Meanwhile, Buddy's House of Black stablemate Brody King made clear that he has no intention of heading for the exit:

The House of Black seemed poised to be a prominent stable, but they struggled to gain traction. Their recent feud with Sting & Darby Allin (and Miro to a lesser extent) was a bit more engaging, but Malakai requested his AEW release and announced he was stepping back from wrestling. Matthews & King lost a tag match to Sting & Darby on Rampage Grand Slam last week, with Buddy being misted by Great Muta before taking the pinfall.

Matthews' status will likely become more apparent in the coming days, but for now, it's reports and Twitter GIFs.

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