How AEW's Matt Hardy Wants To End His Wrestling Career

The Hardy Family Office leader speaks on winding his long wrestling career down.

Matt Hardy AEW

Matt Hardy wants to end his wrestling career on one last tag team run with his brother, Jeff.

The veteran said as much during his first ever AMA session on Twitch (which he has since uploaded to YouTube). When asked about the gimmick he'd like to finish on, Matt said the Hardy Boys, highlighting his desire to work a full feud with The Young Bucks in the process (h/t WrestleJoy for the transcription):-

"The gimmick I’d like to end my career on, teaming with my brother as the Hardy Boys. Real life Matt, and Real life Jeff, doing our thing. To go out the way you came in is super cool. I would love Jeff to come to AEW, A proper feud with the Hardy Boys vs the Young Bucks would be amazing."

That Jeff currently works for WWE is the most obvious hindrance to this. The 43-year-old revealed in September 2020 that he had recently signed a new contract with Vince McMahon's promotion, though the deal's length wasn't disclosed.


Limited to sporadic in-ring appearances in 2021, Jeff's last match was a three-minute win over Cedric Alexander on last week's Raw, onto which Hardy hot-shotted a retirement stipulation.

Matt, meanwhile, currently leads the Hardy Family Office stable featuring The Butcher and The Blade, The Bunny, and Private Party in AEW, while feuding with Christian Cage.

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