How Did AEW's Adam Page Get His 'Hangman' Moniker?

You can't have two Adams. That'd just be carnage...

Hangman Page

During an interview for AEW's 'Unrestricted' podcast, Hangman Page revealed why he started phasing out his first name Adam and using the Hangman moniker instead.

It all started in New Japan when Page was brought in to be a member of the uber-cool Bullet Club stable. Another 2016 recruit, Adam Cole, was a much bigger star than Page at the time in ROH, so Page showed deference by switching up his title.

The only problem was that he needed something eye-catching and memorable.


Thinking on his feet, Page asked Luke Gallows if he'd mind him using a name similar to his ring name. Gallows didn't have a problem with it, and Hangman Page was born.

Hangman had been worried that he and Cole would be considered too similar to one another. They looked the same, shared some similar in-ring characteristics and were both called Adam; that last one is slightly hilarious - it's not like pro wrestling fans would have trouble differentiating between the pair just because they shared the same forename.


Page wanted change regardless, and he was happy that Gallows didn't impede his progress or try some sort of power play over the Hangman name.

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