How Drew McIntyre Got Busted Open On WWE Raw

New details on Drew McIntyre, who was hurt in a match with Big E and The Usos this week.

Drew McIntyre

It didn't take a hawk to spot that Drew McIntyre was busted open on this week's episode of WWE Raw, with the former WWE Champion suffering a nasty bump to the head while teaming with Big E to face The Usos in the main event.

McIntyre ended up finishing the match with minimal disruption. Per PWInsider's Mike Johnson, the Scot was okay backstage, having suffered the injury while taking an elbow to the forehead on the outside.

As is always the case, WWE turned its post-injury pictures of Drew greyscale in order to hide the blood.


Raw saw E and McIntyre play strange bedfellows as a way of building to their WWE Championship clash at Crown Jewel 2021 on 21 October. The tag bout came about in the opening segment, in which The Usos challenged the superteam, and ended in a no-contest when Drew and E started brawling before either side could reach a more conclusive finish. McIntyre ended up laying the champ out with a Claymore afterwards.

Crown Jewel will be the first time Drew has competed for the WWE Championship since June, when a Hell In A Cell loss to Bobby Lashley stipulated he could no longer challenge while Lashley held the gold. E ended Lashley's reign on Raw's 13 September episode.

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