How MLW Contracts May Start Affecting AEW

With MLW soon to return to action, contract issues run wild, brother.


As Major League Wrestling gets set to return to action, that could have an interesting impact on certain talents who have recently appeared for AEW.

In a new report from Fightful Select, there are several talents who could be affected once MLW gets back up and running with TV tapings.

Previously, the language used in exiting MLW contracts did not have anything in place to stop performers – such as Brian Pillman Jr. – from appearing for AEW. That, of course, is because All Elite Wrestling wasn’t in existence when a lot of these deals were put together.


As is commonplace in the wrestling business, most major promotions have clauses in their contracts that prohibit talent from competing for certain other rival companies. For MLW, they actually offered several wrestlers new contracts at the start of the year in order to get past this AEW loophole – but the talents in question turned down the offer on the table.

It’s expected that MLW will soon offer new deals once again to these superstars, and now it remains to be seen how all of this will play out.

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