How Often Does WWE Tell Talent What To Post On Twitter?

Ex-WWE star Aiden English has the scoop.


Former WWE star and commentator Aiden English has told Fightful all about the promotion's approach to social media.

He said that management do encourage talent to post specific things on Twitter, but only when there's "some kind of media campaign" or a specific storyline they want to get over. For example, he says, WWE would ask workers to tweet out a message supporting sponsors like Snickers if they happened to be running a social media drive.

Or, if they were involved in a major angle on Raw or SmackDown, wrestlers would be told to further it. WWE would even go so far as to provide the wording for tweets so they were structured properly and pushed things in the right direction.


English revealed that this strategy was rarely annoying. In fact, it was an encouraging sign that those in charge viewed you as somebody with a voice who could help push the product. Generally, WWE were "loose handed" about Twitter use provided guidelines were met and talent didn't get too controversial.

Vince McMahon was happy when his employees showed initiative and pushed angles on their own without being prompted. That makes perfect sense.

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