How Serious Is Sasha Bank's Injury?

Will the former Women's Champion need surgery?

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Following her loss to Charlotte at SummerSlam 2016, news broke that former WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks would miss an undetermined amount of time due to a back injury. Now, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Banks will not need surgery and is not expected to be out of action for very long.

Banks, then the reigning NXT Women's Champion, came up to WWE's main roster as part of last year's "Divas' Revolution." While Charlotte and Becky Lynch got the lion's share of the attention during the storyline, Banks maintained strong fan support. She and Becky challenged Charlotte for the Women's Title in a triple threat match at SummerSlam, but Charlotte was victorious, making Becky submit.

After some time off TV, Banks returned to challenge Charlotte once more. The company's original plan was to have Banks defeat Charlotte for the championship at SummerSlam, but higher-ups decided to kick the new era of Raw off with a bang and changed the belt on the first post-split episode of the show. Unfortunately, Banks's injury led WWE to take the title off of her at SummerSlam, making Charlotte a two-time champion.


The next live event at which Sasha Banks is currently scheduled compete is a Moline, Illinois, show on Friday, September 23 - though that return date is subject to change.

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