How The Oldest Wrestling Lie JUST Got Exposed

Truly, a revolution.

Tony Knox/WCPW

To some professional wrestlers, you are only good for your money or your pussy.

You are a mark.

You exist purely for validation. You are a sack of meat with a mouth, a set of lungs, and a hand that allows you to reach inside your pocket and pay for the t-shirt. You don't have a brain. You are meant to switch that sh*t off before you come to the show. You can't comprehend the pain that taking a bump causes, and you are therefore not qualified to critique the performance. Go on. Get.

Be a fan.

This is a residual attitude from wrestling's old, guarded inner sanctum that is still in effect, explicitly or otherwise. Beyond that reference to Bully Ray, it manifests everywhere in a tedious cycle. Wrestlers on social media reminisce over the times when wrestling fans didn't worry about the booking, when they instead just lost themselves in the story. Wrestlers will admonish the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer for his star rating system and claim that his point is invalid because he has "never taken a bump".

Vince McMahon's old "I know what you people want better than you do" bit wasn't just a catchphrase.

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