How The Undertaker Could've Helped WWE Avoid The 'Montreal Screwjob'

'Taker had a solution, but nobody was listening...

Montreal Screwjob

Did The Undertaker have a solution that would've prevented the infamous 'Montreal Screwjob' from ever taking place?

During an interview with Bill Simmons, the iconic 'Deadman' revealed he would've been happy to play middle man so Bret Hart didn't need to do business with Shawn Michaels at all. 'Taker knew that neither man really wanted to do the job for the other, but his plan offered an alternative.

It made perfect sense to The Undertaker that Bret would lose the WWF Title to him at Survivor Series 1997 (leaving the company for WCW shortly thereafter) before 'Taker dropped it in turn to Michaels on the following night's episode of Raw.

Failing that, he would've been up for losing it on the very next pay-per-view if that didn't suit.

The Undertaker admitted to Simmons that he was "p*ssed" by the murky drama that was dragging everyone down, and he only wishes he'd gone to Vince and told him what he was thinking.

Instead, Bret got screwed and left for WCW with a bitter taste in his mouth. 'Taker's plan, had it been hatched, could've prevented a lot of bad blood.

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