How Vince McMahon REALLY Reacted To The XFL's Failure

The boss shared his stunning outlook on losing approx $50 million with close allies...

Vince McMahon XFL

The original XFL was a financial bust for Vince McMahon.

His revamped football league is set to kick off again this coming weekend, but even the most staunch WWE loyalists must join NFL traditionalists in doubting the V-man's chances of making it a rip-roaring success. Vince, however, is unwavering in his belief of the XFL.

Jim Ross told on the latest episode of his 'Grilling JR' podcast how he had a meeting scheduled with McMahon shortly after the original league's failure. When JR asked Vince's personal assistant Beth Zazza if he'd "still want to meet today", she said, "Oh yeah, he's fine".


That couldn't be true. McMahon had just lost approximately $50 million.

During the meeting, Jim asked his boss if he'd ever consider trying the XFL again. Without hesitating, Vince answered that he would, because he "believed in the concept", and described the entire project as a "calculated risk".


It's unlikely McMahon would be so patient, positive and carefree if the XFL flopped again in 2020. Again, NFL followers remain critical, but hopes are that the league will give football fans a true alternative to the NFL; the AAF, which started in 2019 and lasted less than two months, didn't.


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