How WWE Officials Feel About Matt Riddle's Jump To SmackDown

The ex-NXT man is now exclusive property of Friday nights...

The @WrestleVotes account on Twitter claims that WWE officials in charge of affairs on SmackDown have "very high hopes" for Matt Riddle's future.

If true, this could mean that the former NXT star is heading for a major push on Friday nights. Anyone who watched him on Wednesdays (including this past week's stunning 'Steel Cage' effort opposite Timothy Thatcher) already knows what Riddle is capable of.

Riddle has been a bit of a rumoured heat magnet since joining WWE in 2018. He's been outspoken about topics like ending Bill Goldberg's in-ring career, and that reportedly hasn't sat too well with company figureheads.


Will that stop him from succeeding on SmackDown? It seems not.

There's no word on exactly when Riddle will make his televised debut for the brand, but it has been rumoured that he worked a match during the marathon tapings earlier this week. That's when he filmed the vignette shown on SmackDown.


Riddle has already been hyped as a big deal. WWE wheeled out Kurt Angle to sing the former UFC fighter's praises, and all signs point towards him making a serious splash on Friday nights.

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