How WWE's Kliq Reacted To The Undertaker's 'BSK' Tattoo

Triple H shares an old story about backstage heat...

Triple H told Gorilla Position that there wasn't as much heat between members of 'The Kliq' and The Undertaker's 'Bone Street Krew' as people might think.

After revealing that everyone other than Shawn Michaels got along with guys on the opposite side of the locker room divide, Trips then admitted something else: The Kliq lads had a right good chuckle at 'Taker and his pals when they all got 'BSK' tattoos inked on their bodies.

He claims there was no way Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman or himself were following suit and hitting up artists for some Kliq ink work.


Triple H said he shared a quiet chuckle with his friends - everyone thought that The Kliq were marks for themselves, but they weren't the ones getting tattoos of their little group. Meanwhile, The Undertaker, Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Kama, Henry Godwinn and a few others were all rocking new 'BSK' art.

The Kliq thought that was pretty embarrassing.


They'd been willing to play up to the rivalry by putting stickers on doors ("Kliq Only" and that sort of thing), but the group agreed that getting tatts was a step too far.

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