Huge Angle Shot After AEW Dynamite

PAC vs. Hangman Page set for Full Gear.

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Last night's Dynamite concluded with PAC and Jon Moxley sharing a time limit draw - though the animosity between the pair didn't end there.

The Brit had more in store for Moxley after the show went off the air, wrapping a chair around his opponent's neck before preparing to Pillmanise him from the top rope. Before PAC could go through with the dastardly deed, Kenny Omega rushed the ring to make the save.

Having saved their Full Gear match from catastrophe, 'The Cleaner' shared some pointed words with Moxley, whilst PAC slunked off backstage. Before the Geordie could make it all the way, he was met on the ramp by Hangman Page - who marched him straight back to the ring.


With Moxley now gone, Page grabbed a mic and told PAC he's a big man when their back is turned, but that he doesn't look so big now. He then told him he needs a rematch, and that he should keep his diary free for 9 November's Full Gear.

Four matches are currently set the Baltimore PPV. In addition to Page and PAC, The Young Bucks face Santana & Ortiz, Kenny Omega meets Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho defends his AEW Championship against Cody.

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