Huge Backstage Turmoil In WWE NXT?

Rumours of unrest plague WWE's most acclaimed brand.

Triple H NXT Crowd

WWE's most critically acclaimed brand it may be, but all may not be well amongst the NXT roster.

Performance Center insider Casey Michael tweeted the following on the back of yesterday's Jordan Myles saga:-


Cynically, it's easy to look at this and say "it's just a tweet," but Michael has a proven track record with stories relating to NXT talent and the Performance Center, and rarely (if ever) reports anything that is later proven incorrect.

Independent wrestling standout David Starr has also spoken out on the situation, claiming that NXT talents have been told they won't be receiving pay rises despite their brand moving from the WWE Network to USA:-


Starr's tweet was part of a lengthy string criticising mainstream wrestling promotions and how they treat their workers. The pay comment is notable as one would assume a bigger platform would mean bigger paycheques for performers who typically earn around $50,000 p/a, though his claims tie in with a number of recent reports that NXT stars haven't had their salaries adjusted.


If this smoke has a fire then we'll likely hear more on it over the coming days and weeks.

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