Huge Last Woman Standing Rematch Set For Tonight's WWE Raw

Hell In A Cell opponents go one-on-one in major rematch.

Lacey Evans Natalya

Lacey Evans and Natalya will go one-on-one in a Last Woman Standing rematch on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE have confirmed.

This piece of booking comes following the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view Kickoff Show. The duo worked a relatively routine bout that came to an end in just over nine minutes, with Nattie putting 'The Sassy Southern Belle' via Sharpshooter. Natalya then laid her rival out after the match, so of course, WWE being WWE, the feud must continue!

This will somehow be the duo's eighth singles match of 2019. The first one took place on the 8 February episode of Main Event, with Nattie besting the newcomer. They worked further bouts in April and July, and have gone head-to-head four times over the past five weeks alone, with their singles record currently sitting at 3-4 in Evans' favour - almost 50:50.


Much of this storyline has stemmed from Natalya's rage towards Evans for using the Sharpshooter, which is about as thin a veneer as you could ask for, really. Regardless, let's hope that the women are given the opportunity to do something meaningful on Raw, as their matches so far have been really, really mundane.

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