HUGE Return Announced For Next Week's WWE SmackDown

Next week's SmackDown could be a landmark moment for this WWE storyline.

Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso will return to WWE screens on next week's episode of SmackDown, but there's no word yet on whether Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa or Jey Uso will be in the house.

Of course, Jey "quit" the company on last week's edition, so he's unlikely to be there. WWE creative has apparently decided to give that side of the story a breather, but Jimmy's own drama is about to get back up and running.


WWE announced his imminent re-arrival on Friday's show by simply touting an appearance. That was it - there were no other details given about exactly what Uso will be doing, and Triple H's writers probably like it that way.

They've tried to keep fans guessing throughout this whole Bloodline narrative.


It's possible that Jimmy will set up his own singles bout vs. Roman Reigns for Payback, or maybe even announce that he plans to join his brother on the shelf. There's also always the threat of that elusive Sikoa turn on Reigns and Heyman.

Paul E did field a call from an unnamed source on this week's show. They told him Jimmy will be back on TV soon.


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