Huge Stipulation Added To Brock Lesnar Vs. Rey Mysterio At WWE Survivor Series 2019

Looks like Lesnar vs. Mysterio could get rather violent at Survivor Series.

Rey Mysterio Brock Lesnar Survivor Series

Brock Lesnar's rivalry with Rey Mysterio went up a notch last night, as Mysterio and Paul Heyman confirmed that the duo's announced WWE Championship fight will be a No Holds Barred match.

This adds an extra level of violence to what already looked like a heated clash. 'The Beast Incarnate' has been the bane of Rey's existence for months, having destroyed his son, Dominic, several times, and defeated a Rey-managed Cain Velasquez in quick, effective fashion at Crown Jewel last month.

Mysterio gained a measure of revenge at that very same event, battering the WWE Champion with a steel chair, and has since gotten the better of him on Raw as well. Now, they'll go toe-to-toe under a stipulation that allows weapon use and should let them brawl all the way across the arena.


An interesting gimmick for a match that was always going to be built around the size discrepancy, though legal weapons should, in theory, allow the lucha legend believable openings against the monstrous 'Beast,' who has only mounted one defence (vs. Velasquez) of his WWE Championship since taking it from Kofi Kingston at the start of October.

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