Hulk Hogan Says WWE Need To "Launch" THIS Wrestler

WWE legend Hulk Hogan is a BIG fan of this current star, but he wants Triple H to do more.

LA Knight

Hulk Hogan is a big fan of LA Knight, but admits it has taken him a while to understand the hype. Now, Hulk gets it and can't wait to see WWE "launch" Knight to "that next level".

The legend told Bill Apter on WrestleBinge that he can "see there's no holes in [LA's] boat". Hulk then added: "He's got things pretty well covered", but believes it'll take "getting him programmed with the right guy" to put Knight up a rung on the WWE ladder.


Could Logan Paul be that "right guy"? It's possible, because most wrestling fans reckon LA Knight will beat LP for the United States Title at SummerSlam next month. Winning that belt would mark LA's first piece of gold on the main roster, which would be massive for him.

Hogan wants to see Knight do well. He might've been late to the "YEAH" party, but Hulk can finally see why people are so into the babyface sensation. Now it's over to Triple H and the rest of the WWE creative team - "They just need to find the right opponent for him", Hogan said.


Time for a mega-push, brother.


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