Hulk Hogan Updates Fans After Recent Back Surgery

The Hulkster takes to Twitter to reveal what he's had removed from his back.

Having undergone multiple back surgeries over the years, Hulk Hogan again went under the knife earlier this week. And now, the WWE Hall of Famer has taken to social media to give fans a glimpse at what was actually removed from his back this time out.

After all seemingly went well on Tuesday with this latest operation, The Hulkster took to Twitter with the following.


Now, which one of those screws was responsible for the racist comments, brother?

In a recent interview, Hogan explained that this latest procedure would fuse six levels of his spinal column together. Love him or hate him, that certainly sounds a tad gnarly.


Despite being blacklisted by WWE for racist remarks, and then delivering a locker room apology that skewed more towards making sure you don’t get caught making such remarks rather than, y’know, not making such ignorant comments in the first place, the multiple-time World Champion has once again been welcomed back into WWE’s good graces.

Having recently been featured on WWE TV to promote the Team Hogan vs. Team Flair match at the blood money-soaked WWE Crown Jewel show last month, it remains to be seen when Vince McMahon and WWE brass will next see fit to wheel out Hulk Hogan.


Regardless of when he does appear, the crowd response to Hulkamania nowadays is vastly different from the ridiculous pop of Hogan’s heyday.

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