Identity Of WWE's SmackDown Doctor Revealed

Just who was the phoney doc who took Jeff Hardy's urine sample?

Users on the Squared Circle subreddit page revealed exactly who played the doctor during that Jeff Hardy and Sheamus urine sample segment on this week's SmackDown.

According to posts, it was actually Frank George. If you're scratching your head wondering who the hell Frank is, then you might not be a meme-lover. Mr. George grabbed some attention by starring in a string of meme videos called 'Fiverr Doctor' a few years ago.

Take two minutes out of your day to enjoy some of Frankie boy's work below. Be warned: Dr. George's language and jokes are not suitable for kids. Parental discretion is advised (unless you're WWE and don't mind those kids performing a quick Google search, that is).


As you can see, Frank's humour uses wordplay, and is the kind of toilet humour Vince McMahon reportedly adores. It's probably not a surprise then that he was hired for the gig on SmackDown.

George's role hasn't been confirmed, but he's identical to the p*ss-taking (literally) doc on WWE programming this week. It's unlikely to be a recurring role. Frank has a legit medical career waiting for him if he can analyse urine samples on the spot without proper testing.

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