Idiot Fan Attacks Bret Hart During WWE Hall Of Fame 2019 Speech

Bret's colleagues quickly beat down the a**hole intruder.

Hall Of Fame Bret Hart Attack
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A complete and utter a*rsehole jumped the barricade to interrupt Bret Hart's WWE Hall of Fame 2019 speech tonight, right as the industry legend was in the midst of memorialising his tag team partner Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart.

Thankfully, 'The Hitman' was left shaken but unharmed - and carried on his speech afterwards like a complete pro.

Cameras cut away as the f*cking idiot overstepped all boundaries, both figurative and literal, as shocked members of the audience looked on. Boos scattered around the Barclays Center, accompanied by apt chants of 'a**hole'.

When we returned to the ring, it was full of Bret's colleagues, amongst them Edge, Ronda Rousey and Tyson Kidd, who had raced in to protect both him and niece Natalya.

Drake Maverick cut an impromptu promo on the Grade-A t*sser, telling the audience to "ignore that man, and let's continue."

Thankfully, the speech resumed afterwards, with Bret even making a little joke about the incident. Though we don't necessarily condone violence, hopefully the stupid intruder got his ass roundly kicked after being dragged to the backstage area by security. Twice, preferably.

Gorilla Position caught footage of the aftermath:

Though it's great to see so many wrestlers jump to Bret and Nattie's aid, you have to wonder where the security was. WWE may reconsider this cost-effective new set-up for next year's ceremony.

UPDATE: Further fan footage has emerged showing Ronda Rousey's husband Travis Browne taking down the intruder first, as well as Dash Wilder lamping the loser with an absolutely vicious right hook. Thanks to his fists of justice, Wilder is already becoming something of a Twitter sensation.

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