If Triple H Is "Back" In WWE, What About The NXT Creative Team?

Backstage update on the current WWE NXT creative team.

Triple H

Triple H's recent Performance Center assertion that he is "back" has not coincided with any creative changes for NXT, which was chief amongst his projects prior to the show's rebranding as NXT 2.0 last summer.

PWInsider's Mike Johnson reports that the current team still answers to Bruce Prichard, who also steers the ship on Raw and SmackDown. Triple H's old stablemate, Shawn Michaels, oversees the brand in general, with Johnny Russo the lead writer and Nick Bonnano and George Carroll completing the lineup.

Prichard had ascended to this position by September 2021. NXT's black and gold era came to an end at the same time, with WWE revamping the developmental territory from one focusing primarily on wrestlers with prior experience, to a more ground-up, gimmicks-first proposition. It appears this structure remains in place.


Triple H had proclaimed he was "back" during a visit to the Performance Center in June, though what exactly he meant by that remains unclear. Multiple outlets have confirmed, however, that he is indeed working for the company once more.

The 52-year-old suffered near-fatal heart failure last September, necessitating him being fitted with a defibrillator.


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