Impact Wrestling Invites The Young Bucks For Shock TNA Return

Could Matt and Nick Jackson be on their way back to Impact Wrestling?

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The Young Bucks have been invited back to Impact Wrestling in what would be a sensational return to the promotion that yielded one of the most unproductive periods of Matt and Nick Jackson's wrestling career.

This particular olive branch was extended on Twitter, with Impact Executive Vice President Scott D'amore making the move:-

D'Amore's quote-tweet was a response to Matt Jackson, who posted the above image as a jestful response to Impact Tag Team Champion Ethan Page's suggestion that Impact were bringing the "TNA" name back for WrestleMania 36 weekend in Tampa, Florida.

It's hard to take any of this at face value. Firstly, unless Impact has gone into full-on banter mode, it's hard to imagine them ever wanting to associate themselves with those poisoned initials ever again, and Page is always screwing around on social media. On another note, while it's easy to see why D'Amore would want to get the Bucks onboard for a show, it's hard to imagine the Jacksons wanting to give a competitor that level of exposure.

The Bucks were active TNA roster members from 2009-2011, competing as the Generation Me tandem of Max and Jeremy Buck.

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