Impact Wrestling Returning To Its TNA Roots?

Here's why Impact has been going TNA crazy lately.

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Impact Wrestling has been going TNA daft as of late, incorporating increased mentions of its former identity into the current product through branding, roster additions, and even its top titles, with Moose crowning himself TNA Champion after overcoming Michael Elgin and Hernandez at the recent Rebellion show.

The reason for this? A recent TNA One Night Only special featuring the likes of Kid Kash, Manik, Suicide, Chase Stevens, and Hernandez did a lot better than the promotion was expecting, hence why the promotion is now looking to its past more - and will continue to do so going forward.

This is according to a new report from PWInsider.


Moose emerged for Rebellion wearing the old TNA World Championship, crowning himself in the absence of Impact Champion Tessa Blanchard, who is currently stuck in Mexico thanks to the ongoing global health crisis. He then put the strap on the line against Elgin and TNA original Hernandez on Rebellion's second night, pinning the former LAX member for the victory.

It'll be interesting to see how Impact handles this dual World Title situation - and how they work more TNA elements into their product. Reverse Battle Royal, here we come...

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