Impact Wrestling Star Reveals He Is Blind

“I am blind. That’s news to some people because as of recently, I just came out advertising it."

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling star Crazzy Steve has revealed that he is blind.

Speaking on a recent episode of Tommy Dream's House of Hardcore podcast, Steve acknowledged that this would be news to many as he "just came out advertising it," calling his character "a real-life version of DareDevil because I can't see and I'm still able to do what I do."

The former Menagerie man said that the reason he had never told the world of his blindness before was that he "wanted to be known as a good wrestler" regardless of his affliction. Adding that he was born "totally blind," he said having cataracts removed at a young age helped him "somewhat see," though he has always worn glasses, can't legally drive, and has glaucoma.


"I'm the Michael Jordan of not seeing," Steve joked. "I'm really, really good at it."

As far as wrestling with his condition goes, Steve said that he has trouble seeing Impact's ropes, particularly when they are dark colours. He used to turn up for independent shows in "smokey bars with bad ropes" early so that he could get a feel for things, relating the way he sees with "how you see when you come out of a dream."


Much respect to him for battling through this and forging a successful wrestling career regardless.

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