Impact Wrestling's Social Media And Subscription Numbers Rise To All-Time Highs

YouTube, Twitter and Instagram numbers have never been higher for Impact.

Impact Wrestling/AXS TV

July was IMPACT Wrestling's 'biggest month ever' for Twitter, YouTube and Instagram numbers, and the amount of IMPACT Plus subscribers is also at a record high, too, according to a statement from the company.

IMPACT recently became one of the most talked about promotions in the industry after stars such as EC3, Eric Young and The Motor City Machine Guns returned and the likes of Heath and The Good Brothers debuted during the Slammiversary PPV.

Now, IMPACT have taken to Twitter to reveal that July was a landmark month for the company:

'July was our biggest month ever on YouTube, our biggest month ever on Twitter, our biggest month ever on Instagram plus we have a record number of@IMPACTPlusApp subscribers. Thank you for all your support and momentum!'

In a matter of weeks, IMPACT has gone from being a show which regularly got lost in the shuffle when faced with the stiff domestic competition of WWE and AEW to one of the most exciting no-crowd products wrestling fans can currently catch on TV.

Hopefully, the company builds on this tremendous month and gets even more eyes back on IMPACT in the near future.


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