Indie Standout Jake Atlas Signs With WWE

Another bright young prospect for the WWE Performance Center.

Jake Atlas

The already-stacked WWE Performance Center ranks look set to be bolstered by the arrival of independent wrestling standout Jake Atlas.

This is according to, who claim that the 24-year-old performer is set to join the world's biggest wrestling promotion as part of their January 2020 talent intake.

Atlas has been the subject of nonstop rumours for months. The most recent speculation pointing towards him signing with WWE came when he informed indie promoters that he wasn't accepting bookings after December 2019, and now, it looks like he's on his way to Orlando, Florida.

Per the writeup, Atlas had been in talks with AEW though no contract was offered, and he was backstage during SmackDown's debut on FOX earlier this month.

Atlas is one of many young independent wrestlers who has seen their stardom soar since WWE and AEW cleared the decks in their 2019 signing sprees. A regular performer in Bar Wrestling, GCW, and PWG, matches with the likes of Dragon Lee, Jungle Boy, and several others have brought critical acclaim for this sick high-flier, who, in an ideal world, would still have another 2-3 indie years to further hone his craft.

Such is life in 2019, though.

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