Injury Update On Seth Rollins - Will He Miss WWE WrestleMania XL?

The Visionary is recovering from a torn MCL and a partially torn miniscus.

Seth Rollins

Having suffered a torn MCL and a partially torn meniscus last month in a match against Jinder Mahal, there were some initial concerns that Seth Rollins may have to miss WWE WrestleMania XL. While subsequent Raw outings has seen the current World Heavyweight Champion vow to make it to 'Mania - attempting to convince Cody Rhodes to choose him for the Showcase of the Immortals - Rollins has now provided a further update on his injury status.

Per the Visionary, WrestleMania XL is "no problem" and he expects to be back in action "way before then".

Speaking to Good Morning Football (as picked up on by Fightful) about whether he'll be cleared in time for WrestleMania, Rollins stated:

"Oh, WrestleMania 40, no problem. We got this bad boy. We got this. I’ll be back way before then, for sure. I tore my MCL, tore my meniscus about three weeks ago now, and it sucks. If you’ve ever had an MCL sprain or any sort of damage to that part of your knee, it’s not comfortable. But [I'm] doing all the right things, rehabbing. Fortunately, it was just a partial tear and not a full tear. We’re able to avoid surgery for the time being. We’ll see what happens after WrestleMania. We’ll see how long I can ride on these wheels, but rehab’s going great. I feel great, I feel like I recently just kind of turned a corner, as a matter of fact, on this knee. So I’m feeling really good. Definitely will be ready before WrestleMania, and I’m hoping sometime in the next few weeks."

Of course, it at one point looked like Seth Rollins would be facing CM Punk at WrestleMania XL. With Punk now set to miss this year's Granddaddy of Them All after suffering a triceps tear at the Royal Rumble, all signs seem to point to Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania.

With Rhodes having stepped aside to allow The Rock to face Roman Reigns at 'Mania XL, the American Nightmare has yet to actually state his intention to challenge Seth at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field during the first weekend of April. On that front, today's WWE WrestleMania XL Kickoff press conference should be one to keep your eye on where it pertains to the white-hot topic of Cody/Roman/Rock and the fallout of that situation.

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