Injury Update On WWE NXT's Joe Gacy

Joe Gacy vs. Oba Femi had to be stopped on last night's NXT.

Joe Gacy

For those wondering about the status of Joe Gacy after last night's NXT, it appears the former Schism leader is fine.

In case you missed NXT, Gacy faced off with North American Champion Oba Femi. As Joe made his entrance for this bout, he was laid out by a chair shot from Shawn Spears, and the match itself was later called off after Gacy was slammed to the mat by Femi.

Per Fightful Select, Joe Gacy was legitimately hurt after taking that slam, and there were concerns over a possible concussion for the star. As such, the referee stopped the match and threw up the dreaded X sign as officials checked on Joe. However, Gacy was able to walk to the back under his own power, although this situation caused a few changes to what was scheduled.


Notably, the original plan would've seen Dijak and Josh Briggs come out for a segment with Oba Femi following the finish of the match. Those three are due to face off in a triple-threat at NXT Stand and Deliver on Saturday, and this interaction would've continued the build to this contest. Instead, an audible was called and Dijak, Briggs, and Femi shot a backstage segment on short notice.


Likewise, graphics for Joe Gacy vs. Shawn Spears at Stand and Deliver were put on hold in the immediate aftermath of Gacy's injury scare. Of course, the show would later see Gacy proclaim to NXT General Manager Ava that he was fine, and the Gacy vs. Spears match was then confirmed for Stand and Deliver.

So, there very much was a genuine injury concern for Joe Gacy last night, but the talent is said to thankfully be okay.

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