Injury Update On WWE's CM Punk

How long will the Voice of the Voiceless be out of action? Punk also sounds off on The Rock.

CM Punk

CM Punk provided an injury update Saturday and how long he expects to be sidelined, and it could be longer than initially believed.

Speaking with Caroline Pearce of TNT Sports backstage at UFC 298, Punk offered up his thoughts on the just-completed MMA PPV, WWE, and of course, his recent injury and recovery.

I'm a clumsy idiot and I tore my left triceps about two years ago so the right one was jealous. I'm like an old car, I'm like a '72 Nova, you know what I mean? We have to change some parts every now and again. Once we fix up all the parts, the engine is still strong, we'll still be good to go. We're thinking maybe six to eight months but I'm not really in a rush to get back to compete, I'm in a rush to get healthy, I'm in a rush to get better and the sooner I do that the better I'll be when I come back.

Six to eight months would put Punk out of action up to and potentially even after SummerSlam. There's always the very real possibility Punk is working a bit here and padding the recovery time a bit so if he comes back in half the time, it's a real shock to fans.


Regardless, Punk very clearly is out for WrestleMania 40. He was reportedly plugged in to challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship, but he tore his right triceps during the Royal Rumble last month, forcing WWE to change plans. Rollins' WrestleMania world title opponent will be determined at this weekend's Elimination Chamber PLE, and he's also rumored to be joining Cody Rhodes in a Mania tag match against Roman Reigns and The Rock.

During that same interview, Punk praised The Rock's return to WWE, saying "the landscape has completely changed" with WrestleMania being two nights, and that it "only helps" the company. He also vowed to keep himself in the conversation, noting that "my mouth still works, so I'm going to still be able to talk some trash" like he did during the Las Vegas media event earlier this month.


(h/t to Wrestling Observer for the transcription)


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