Interesting Note On WWE's Spooky New Vignettes

The Bray Wyatt-esque videos appear to be for Edge's WWE return, BUT...

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A spooky new vignette aired during WWE Money In The Bank 2022 this Saturday (2 July), leading, understandably, to speculation they were to build what would be a sensational comeback for the much-missed Bray Wyatt.

'Fiend' fans were disappointed almost immediately when Fightful Select reported that Edge, not Wyatt, was the subject of the clip. This lines up with the references to some of the most notable names the veteran has faced throughout his legendary wrestling career, including the Dudley Boyz and Hardy Boyz.

Now, WrestleVotes have poured further cold water on the fires of excitement:-


Edge has been off WWE television since Raw's 6 June episode, where he was turned upon by The Judgment Day followers Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest, plus their new leader, Finn Balor. The beatdown saw Edge formally booted out of the group and sent to the shadow realm via ConChairTo. Later, WWE announced a kayfabed "non-displaced orbital floor fracture" to Edge, thus sidelining him for the time being.


This was followed by a report stating that Edge had disagreed with WWE's idea of making The Judgment Day a more supernatural stable. It'll therefore be interesting to see what these vignettes lead to.

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