Io Shirai Returns On WWE NXT

A busy night for Poppy, who brought Io Shirai back and released a soundtrack during NXT.

Io Shirai Poppy

Io Shirai returned to WWE on last night's episode of NXT, brawling with Candice LeRae after being reintroduced by musician Poppy.

Returning to the brand herself, Poppy was the subject of an angry in-ring tirade from Candice LeRae, whose tag team partner, Indi Hartwell, had left the building after Poppy hugged Dexter Lumis. LeRae called Poppy out - and the artist obliged.

Saying that she doesn't wrestle but knows somebody who does, Poppy brought out Shirai, who battered Candice in the ring and ran her off following a 619 and springboard dropkick. The scene closed with Io and Poppy celebrating in the ring.


Poppy and Shirai's link comes from the 30 October 2019 episode of NXT, on which the musician played Io to the ring with her track Scary Mask.

This was the first time Shirai had been on NXT television since April. The former NXT Women's Champion conducted a sitdown interview after TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, where she lost the strap to Raquel Gonzalez. Though that segment was interrupted by Franky Monet, last night suggests that LeRae, a previous title challenger of Io's, could be the comeback queen's first big feud back.


NXT also saw Poppy release her EAT NXT soundtrack album during the live show, doing so with a literal push of a button in a backstage scene with Triple H.

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