Is Daniel Bryan's WWE Return Imminent?

Fans monitoring his social media seem to think so...

Some fans keeping a close eye on Daniel Bryan's Twitter feed believe recent posts about last night's episode of SmackDown mean the bearded hero is on the comeback trail.

Bryan tweeted out a mini-preview for the Friday night show an hour before it started and asked followers to choose their ideal challenger for Roman Reigns and the Universal Title. That, to some, is a sign that D-Bry in back in WWE mode and ready to make his return.

The Wrestling Observer had previously reported that Dan decided to step away from the company temporarily this past June due to his wife Brie's pregnancy and fears about the ongoing global health pandemic. Now, Dave Meltzer claims, there's a solid chance that Bryan will launch his comeback.


It's been a month since Brie gave birth to the couple's second child, and WWE's move to the larger Amway Center has coincided with returns for the likes of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn. Fans monitoring Bryan's social media think he's next.

Daniel's last program was against then-Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles. It's unclear what WWE would have in mind for Bryan next if he did return to the ring soon, but he'd make a fine challenger for Reigns.

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