Is There Still Backstage Heat Between WWE's Seth Rollins & Riddle?

Latest on backstage heat between WWE's Seth Rollins and Riddle.

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Fightful Select are reporting that any remaining heat between Seth Rollins and Riddle has been squashed.

Last year, Rollins told WWE cameras during a Draft special that he wasn't interested in working with the ex-NXT man on Raw or SmackDown. This stemmed from comments posted on Instagram by Riddle's wife (which have since been deleted) about Becky Lynch's appearance.

Fightful claim that Riddle has since apologised to Rollins for those words, and the pair have been able to move past their prior issues; the site's WWE sources said there didn't appear to be any lingering heat backstage at Survivor Series last November, which was Seth's latest company gig.


Apparently, Rollins has changed his mind and is now open to working with Riddle in the future. That's good news for WWE, but they'll have to wait - Riddle was moved to Raw in the 2020 Draft, and Seth went the opposite way to SmackDown.

If they are going to work, then it'd need to be as part of some Raw vs. SmackDown repeat or when one of them moves shows again. Maybe a late-2021 pay-per-view series is on the cards?

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