Is This WWE Man The "Top Performer In The Entire Industry"?

A WWE legend believes this SmackDown stalwart is the best wrestling has to offer.

Sami Zayn Bloodline

Former WWE star Shane Helms has called Sami Zayn the "top performer in the entire industry".

The one-time Hurricane told Corey Graves on WWE's 'After The Bell' podcast that he has "no problem" giving Sami full credit for everything he's been doing in 2022. In an interesting moment, Helms said that Zayn "has a reputation, you know" and that he'll "drive you bananas".

Then, Shane reaffirmed his praise by saying everything Sami touches turns to gold. He "hits a home run or grand slam" every single time, and that's why Helms thinks WWE top brass are so comfortable booking Zayn to mix it with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline on TV.


They know they'll get results every single week.

Helms also took credit for the giant mousetrap spot during Sami's bout with Jackass star Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38 - he said he was hanging out with Knoxville at a bar in Miami when the mousetrap idea popped into his head.


Shane told Johnny about it, then the actor phoned Sami to make the pitch and see if it was something they could do on the pay-per-view.

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